Meet Sue

  • Michigan, United States
  • Industry: Lifestyle Branding

The Challenge:

Sue faced a common problem for her latest business venture: a brand new business with zero social media representation.

Sue needed a better way to market her lifestyle brand. The competition she saw online didn't seem to be targeting anyone. She needed a solid marketing plan that only focused on a single demographic.

Sue chose IMU for our ability to teach business owners social media reseach methods that target highly specific audience members.

The Solution:

IMU Social Media expertise solved Sue's challenge by teaching her how to 'look deeper' into audience profiles, decipher trends, analyze similarities and develop a marketing plan based on the results.

In less than 4 months Sue was able to overcome the demographic barrier. The IMU solution targeted her audience, attracted new followers, and customer leads.

Our approach was the answer to Sue's marketing problem. We go beyond one size fits all solutions. Our courses teach you how to look beyond what people are saying and see what they are wanting.


Sue achieved exactly what her business needed! 1500 followers later (and rapidly growing), Sue is reaching her key audience and speaking their exact language. She understands what they want in a lifestyle brand and is delivering time and again.

Sue's bottom line was to speak to the people who were looking for her products and ready to buy. Using IMU courses delivered exactly what she needed.

"In less than 12 months our Instagram account has reached over 3700 followers and it just keeps growing! IMU taught me how to intentionally target my customer base without purchasing followers. I cannot wait to move on to other social platforms [with IMU] to see how our business grows. I would hands down recommend the expertise and knowledge of IMU to all who are seeking the education and tools to grow their business! "

-Sue Sikkema, Grand Rapids Girl