Meet Felecia

  • Texas, United States
  • Industry: Health & Wellness

The Challenge:

Felecia's health & wellness business lacked sufficient marketing & business presence on social media channels. She wanted to break the Instagram marketing niche wide open but needed a proven solution. Felecia's biggest challenge was to find an audience interested in purchasing.

She chose Intentional Marketer University (IMU) for our expertise in teaching business owners how to turn new (or stalled) social media accounts into traffic, lead, and sales machines.

The Solution:

Felecia chose Intentional Marketer University to achieve her goals for Instagram.

By working with IMU she learned how to get a targeted audience of followers & turn those followers into sales leads. It took Felecia only 2 months to see a change. Working with IMU she was able to overcome the 'spray and pray' barrier that kept most of her fellow competitors from success. The IMU approach is simple and effective. Not a mad dash to reach everyone with a pulse.


In under 2 months Felecia went from 50 followers to 2,000 laser targeted potential customers! By working with IMU she saved months worth of time researching marketing strategies that do not work. She saved money by avoiding un-trustworthy products and felt safe with our money back guarantees.

The bottom line of Felecia's business has dramatically improved. She knows how to use Instagram to build relationships & make friends first. Her sales marketing is a pleasant and organic experience for the buyer. No harsh sales tactics needed.

When the success of your business is on the line, you need to have a pleasant experience making sales. For the customer and you!

"I was able to use the Instagram Master Class technique to attract targeted followers and grow my account from just 50 followers to almost 2,000... all in less than 2 months!"

-Felecia, @OrganicFelecia