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Congratulations! You are taking the first step to learning EXACTLY how to build, promote, manage, and monitor successful Facebook and Instagram pages for your business.

With millions of small businesses launching every month, your competition is either already using these channels to market, or in the process of learning.

And they are going to take all your business… unless you beat them to it!

  • Create content your audience loves & drive traffic back to your website and email lead list
  • Learn how to use Facebook and Instagram to grow your business
  • Make more money & build better relationships for future business
  • Boost the visibility of your business on 2 of the world’s most used social sites

2 Full Length Courses ONLY  $99


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 Business Owners Around the World
Trust IMU & Learn How to Be Successful on Facebook and Instagram 

Meredith (Co-Founder of IMU) had already researched all the stuff I was looking for. I couldn’t figure out the answer, but she had already done it. It is nice to not be wasting my time! I could spend 6 months just trying to find what she had already figured out. I have saved a lot of time in this way.

Morgan Kane

Founder, Wicked Lash

“IMU courses are for the business owner who has identified ways to market but has no concrete strategy yet.  It's exciting to see my business posts grow in popularity and circulation. I've grown from 7 likes a post to 40 and I'm attracting niche specific accounts who love my products and are messaging me to BUY!”

Latifa Ali

Founder, Lia Wear

I partnered with Anne DiVitto (co-founder of IMU) to launch our local business and I was blown away by the success! In less than 4 months our account has reached over 1500 followers and it just keeps growing! IMU taught me how to intentionally target my customer base without purchasing followers. I would hands down recommend the expertise and knowledge of IMU to all who are seeking the education and tools to grow their business!

Sue Sikkema

Co-Founder, Grand Rapids Girl

I think the Master Class was great. Many of the topics were covered by Anne [co-founder IMU] when she and I had some one-on-one time, but it was good to have a guide and timeline to get certain tasks done. Since [working with IMU], my following has doubled. My old friends and acquaintances (real people not companies) are finding and following me. Knowing this system is in place is great for me to refer my business partners to.”

Jenna Hyde

Founder, Naturally Jenna

This entrepreneur used the Master Class techniques to attract targeted followers and grew her Instagram account from just 50 followers, to over 2,000…..all in less than 2 months.

Felecia Hunt

Founder, Organic Felecia

“It’s an easy to follow course broken down into common-sense actionable items. It’s also delivered in a metered fashion so the student doesn’t get overwhelmed."
"[I was worried] that I would be too overwhelmed with information and no way to use it. This course helped me get started with a CLEARLY defined and practical plan

Thomas Sykes

Technology & Web Strategy
Century 21, Town & Country

Are You Ready to Move Forward With Your Business?
You Get BOTH Full Length Courses for Less Than the Regular Price of One!


A $218 VALUE!

Here's What's Included in the
2 COURSE Facebook & Instagram
Business Success Bundle


* Learn how to build and target an audience of pre-qualified people who are already looking for EXACTLY what you are selling.

*The Facebook course teaches you how to stand out to perfect customers amid the 'noise' of Facebook.

*The Instagram course will teach you how to target only qualified customers and turn them into audience members!


*Optimize your Instagram username & Facebook header for the best possible results.

*Great content examples that show you exactly what to share from your business accounts.

*Learn how to lead audience members back to your website from your business profiles.


*Learn what it takes to bring high value to your audience with every post.

*Discover the IMU formula for crafting posts that get more Facebook ‘Likes’, ‘Follows’ and ‘Shares’.

*How to optimize Instagram and Facebook posts to get audience members clicking your links and visiting your website! 


*How to create posts and calls to action that drive views to your link or website quickly and easily.

*Learn how to offer targeted value to your audience that gets them onto your email list.

*How to duplicate and scale your efforts with ease getting MORE customers into your sales funnel than ever before.


*How to use Facebook & Instagram Insights to target custom audiences.

*How to tell if your posts are performing well and where to look to make them perform even better.

*How to scale up your business pages to bring business success like you have been dreaming about.



*Printable weekly worksheets to help you keep track of your consistency. 
Both the Facebook and Instagram course come with end of the week worksheets. 7 worksheets in all!

*Productivity tips that show you how to leverage your time for better results with Facebook and Instagram.

*A breakdown of examples from top accounts that show you what great social marketing looks like.

*Access to our Facebook group where you can get access to Live Wednesday Workshops, ask questions and get answers from the IMU Team.

*Unlimited Email Support. 


Receive 2 Full Length Courses Today and Smash the Competition

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You Save $119!



Let's start with what you WON'T get. There are many overpriced books and courses on Facebook marketing which don't explain the fundamentals of this mega social channel. They are filled to the brim with too much information, advanced details, and it's hard to locate exactly what you need! 

What you WILL get is the knowledge to expand your Facebook marketing adventure.
This course is helpful, reliable, user friendly, and simple. We walk you through a step-by-step plan which reduces overwhelm and improves consistency. 

The course is 'dripped out' on a weekly basis over 3 weeks. You get a new set of steps to complete each week and a checklist worksheet to make sure you didn't miss anything. At the end of 3 weeks you will be the proud owner of a correctly established, optimized, and functional Facebook business page!

Week 1: How to Set Up Your Page for Success. How to Optimize Your Cover Photo. How to Get Your First 50 Page Likes. Week 1 Worksheet.

Week 2: Posting & Engagement Strategy. How to Create Visual Marketing Posts. How to Run "Like" Contests. How to Use Groups. How to Use Facebook Search. Week 2 Worksheet. 

Week 3: Effective Marketing Campaigns. Automation & Scheduling Your Facebook Content. How To Boost Your First Facebook Post. Week 3 Worksheet.


This is a 4 week, fully comprehensive course on establishing an Instagram account and optimizing it for your business.  

If you have a business and want to see it grow in new directions this is the course for you. We teach you the first steps to an Instagram account but follow up with detailed marketing information, audience growth strategy's, customer targeting, and how to analyze your posts.  We incorporate it all!

Many Instagram courses provide you with not enough information or way too much! Our course starts at the beginning and clearly walks you through to expert strategies that build your business with Instagram marketing.

Week 1: Leveraging Your Bio for Leads and Sales. Design and Optimization. Profile URL Placement. Week 1 Worksheet.

Week 2: Using Tools to Target Followers. How to Find Followers That Want What You're Selling. Hashtag Research. Week 2 Worksheet.

Week 3: Learn Exactly What to Post. Successful Instagram Examples. Instagram Posting Strategies. How to Use Instagram "Stories". 
Instagram Business Strategies: Examples. Week 3 Worksheet.

Week 4: Instagram Automation Tools. Analytic Analysis Tools.
Demo: Scaling Your Efforts. Week 4 Worksheet. 



Your courses start at soon as you make your purchase and set up your username and password.

These are completely self-paced online courses, that never expire. You can feel confident knowing you have unlimited, lifetime access. 

Your courses are optimized for any mobile device as well. You can take them with you wherever you go! 

Your courses come with a clear week-by-week outline of the material and steps. You move at your own pace—this allows you to get the most out of your courses. Each course is 'dripped out' to you one week at a time. Our clients tell us this method allows them to complete each step fully without feeling overwhelmed with information. 

You will recieve each week's course via email with the first week starting immediately upon purchase.



You don't need to have any prior experience with social media marketing before beginning these courses.  

If you already have social media experience, you will be very pleased to see that our courses include expert level marketing strategies that most courses do not offer. 

IMU courses are designed to take any level of business owner higher. Whether you have been doing this for years or just starting today, we will teach you something new that you have not used before!


You pay only $99 for BOTH full length, complete courses, with access to the materials to use forever.

This price includes unlimited access to email support. By emailing the IMU team your completed weekly worksheets you will recieve helpful reviews. And of course, you always get access to the Facebook group LIVE weekly workshops and office hours.

This limited price gets you lifetime access to the IMU Library free resources. And if you decide to learn additional business marketing strategies, you can purchase more courses at a discounted rate.

These courses sell throughout the year for $109 Each.

This limited time offer gets you Both courses, and All Bonuses for only $99.


We would never want you to be unhappy! If you're unsatisfied with the course contact us within 30 days, to request a full refund.

We will ask to see the worksheets you've completed to be sure that you've been following along with the program. Learning is a two-way street, after all!